Friday, October 26, 2012

Meandering about Moldova

We started at an orphanage in Congaz....

Then went to a hope center in Baurci Moldoveni....

Below is my new Moldovan friend Rachel. LOVE her!

Then finished the day at a church service in Sofievca...

(this little lady reminded me of a little tator-tot Call girl who lives in Iowa)

This is Natasha. She served as our translator all day. She is a remarkable woman! 

Thoughts from today...
  1. I can't think of anything more remarkable than hearing a Moldovan pastor weep over the urgency he feels to share the Gospel with all people. 
  2. "Teacher" is translated "Professor." (HA, who knew that I would get a promotion just by coming to Moldova.)
  3. Hospitality is alive and well in this country.
  4. Hearing (and seeing) evidence of people truly giving everything they have for the sake of the Gospel is absolutely incredible.
  5. The Lord is at work in this place. What a privilege to get to see it first hand.

And just for fun... Romania is on the other side of the hills behind these trees.
So close...

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