Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Moldova Meanderings...

Recap of the second full day in Moldova.

This was my view a lot of the day. 
We traveled all the way down to the southern part of Moldova to a village called AI Cuza. 

The last time I drank Coca Cola I was in China.

It has been such a blessing to be on a trip like this with Amy.

This pastor is AWESOME. He is currently using Awana material as outreach in his village. He is going through various Navigator material as he is discipling the men in his church.

We ended the day eating lots of yummy pizza at Andy's Pizza.

And gelato!
My stance on ice cream regardless of where I am is "Never No."

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Cassie said...

NEVER NO! :) Words to live by. Hahah! So glad to get this little glimpse of your adventure! I am so excited to hear all of your stories! Love you!