Monday, January 14, 2008


She's awake. Keep praying for Megan. She has a long road ahead of her. The therapists have her up and moving, which is so great especially since she has been in bed in a coma for the past 12 days.

Continue to pray for the Harris/Ridge family. The funeral was Friday and that always seems to be when the healing process can finally begin. Pray that Robert's death would serve as a wake up call for this area. Violence is never the answer and I pray that through his death people would realize that it is not the answer. I look forward to seeing how the Lord will bring glory to himself through this terrible situation.

I have been so encouraged by the people who don't know Megan or Riccardo and his family that are praying for them. Yet again I am reminded that we are not to live this life in isolation, we need the body around us. We were created for relationship. Ultimately a relationship with Jesus but definitely for relationship with people.

Monday, January 7, 2008

my heart hurts...

Its been a tough few days back to work as one of my students and former cheerleaders was in a pretty serious car wreck over break. She's still in a coma and right now we are just waiting on her to wake up... When I forget why it is that I do what I do, I am quickly reminded when tears stream down my face because of the scary thought that one of my kids might not make it.

And what a difference a few minutes can make....Saturday night in front of a packed house at WSU in a game that went into overtime Southeast beat East in what could possibly be the most incredible high school basketball I will ever witness in my lifetime. About a hour after the game ended the unthinkable happened. One of our coaches, lost his son.

A coach, a teacher, a pastor, a now dealing with not only the death of his son but the outrageous fact that his son's life was cut shot by an act of violence. My heart hurts...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a new year....

2007 was a great year, lots of fun things happened. There ware some challenging times and even a few sad moments. I took thousands of pictures of the incredible people in my world. Here are some of my most cherished pictures from 2007.

I spent a lot of time at baseball games in the spring.

It was time well spent watching one of my most favorite guys do what he loves!

I am blessed with the greatest Bible study.

One of my best friends got married to a great British man.

Time with heart sisters is priceless.

Meeting up with Nkem. Seeing Nathan run in the Olympic Trials.
Spending a weekend in New York was definitely a highlight of 07.

The chance to start over, start fresh is always exciting. As much as I dread going back to work, I can't help but be excited about a new semester, new faces sitting in my classroom, new lives to be a part of...I'm not really one for new years resolutions however I am making one and it applies to this small little corner of cyberspace.... I resolve to post to this new blog much more frequently.