Monday, June 27, 2011

where do you start?

I could start with telling you about....

...the quickest way to get over jet lag is to be a tourist.

...the great times that I had with these 3 lovely ladies.

...THE COOLEST thing that we had the privilege of doing. much we enjoyed being with the S family.

...doing the Hokey Pokey with this little guy.

...about the field trip we took with the kids.
(She was my buddy for the day.)

... the privilege it is to be a part of what Dad is doing at ND.

...ALL of the great food that we ate.

...the time that we spent on the Great Wall.

...the time we spent walking through the Olympic Village.

...the day we spent exploring the terra cotta warriors.

...the time we spent with a fellow K-Stater.

The processing has really only just begun...