Monday, April 26, 2010

and just where have you been?

There are some days when I think, "I could blog about that." Then weeks go by, literally WEEKS and I haven't written a thing on this precious little piece of the world wide web.

There is much to discuss. There is much to process. Thanks to this trusted old friend. . .

I haven't needed this "processing" avenue quite as much recently.

I am working on a reivew of the first quarter of 2010 (picture style) so you can look forward to that, the two of you that actually read this! Exciting things are happening. . . a fun road trip is on the calendar for this weekend. May 2010 is I think the busiest month EVER in the history of the world. (okay I am exageratting, but only slightly. . .) Throw together a hodge podge of track meets, baseball games, graduations, graduation open houses, wedding showers, a wedding, the end of school, the arrival of two from across the pond. . . but it will be fun because each and every one of those things involve some of my most favorite people! (yeah I know I have quite the list, but what can I say, I HAVE GOOD PEOPLE!)