Thursday, October 25, 2012

We made it!

Yes my friends this is a picture of my feet in Moldova.

This is a map of Moldova. We are staying in Chisinau the capital city which is the orangish blog in the middle of the country. The red arrows are pointing to the villages where we will be visiting during the next 4 days. So we will be on the move A LOT!

This is the BMI headquarters in Moldova. It's a beautiful building.

This is what we ate for dinner tonight. IT WAS DELICIOUS!
(and yes it's a picture that I originally took on my camera but then took a picture of the picture on my phone so I could blog about it...) HAHA


Meg McGranaghan said...

So picture-in-picture it is. The food looks great. I'm glad you made it. Have a great trip :-)

Meg McGranaghan said...

Yea! Have a wonderful trip...eyes wide open. I look forward to hearing about what the Lord reveals!