Monday, April 16, 2012

Ella Grace

Every thing really does change once you have seen their faces, once you know their names and once you have held them in your arms.

This little lady went to be with Jesus yesterday afternoon. Her name is Ella Grace. She had only been at OLTCH for six weeks. One of those weeks was the week my team and I were there.

It's risky business to open up your heart, especially to the least of these. It's risky business learning to love dangerously. But it is SO worth it, even when it hurts, even when it doesn't make sense. One of the things that Karen shared with me during my time at New Day was this, "Mandy, the reason we do what we do in caring for orphans is that I truly believe that every child deserves to have a room of people weeping over them when they leave." (They may leave this life to be with their Maker or they may leave that place with their forever family.)

My team and I had the privilege of people a part of the "room" of people in the life of Ella Grace. We knew her name, we saw her face and we held her in our arms.

Pray for our friends at OLTCH. 
Praise Him for the life of this dear little one.

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