Friday, April 20, 2012

still processing Haiti

A month ago I was in Haiti. A month later I am still procesing the week I spent in Haiti.

A month ago we stopped along side the road and stared at this gate.

Little did I know that on the other side of that wall, was a group of people that would steal my heart. I remember vividly stepping back, wanting to take it all in when we first arrived at OLTCH. I was anxious about being around orphans again. (knowing the number that did on my heart during the time I spent at New Day.) I had to give myself a pep talk. The words of Karen, of Brian, of Hannah kept ringing through my ears.

"Love dangerously."
"Every child deserves to have a room of people weeping over them when they leave."
"God sets the lonely in homes."
"The Lord is the Father to the fatherless."

Honestly I wasn't sure my heart could take it but I knew that in the end it would be worth it. The over-arching lesson that I learned in 2011, partially due to the time I spent overseas, was what prompted me to walk through that gate.

"What a privilege it is to be involved in the lives of people."

Specially in the lives of orphans.
I knew that walking through that gate would be a risk.
But it was risk that I was willing to take.

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