Friday, January 20, 2012

Cotton Bowl Chronicles Part 2

It has taken me a while to sit down and write this blog post. I probably would have posted immediately if my Wildcats would have won, but alas.... My friend Erin said it best, "While I wished for a better outcome at the game, I'm glad I was there." K-State finished the season 10-3. It was sure a fun season to be a Wildcat fan!

Anyway back to the Cotton Bowl.
The entire experience was seriously one of the coolest things I have ever had the opportunity to do.
"kid in a candy store right there."
*sidenote: I think if K-State would have won I would have been standing on the sidelines with tears streaming down my face. 

I met Betsy at our hotel shortly after her flight arrived in Dallas.
We headed to a restaurant recommended to us by Betsy's friend Kevin.
It was delicious!

We then began our trek to Jerry's house. (I now refer to it as Jerry's world.)
That place is ridiculously cool and huge and impressive.

We eventually made our way to the "Media Will Call" window and checked in as "official" AP workers. (haha) It was unreal. It did feel extremely strange being there and not wearing purple. (oh the rules of the media, "wear neutral colors...") We followed a couple of photographers into Jerry's world because they obviously knew what we were doing and where they were going. We made our way to the "photo workroom." This room was FULL of cameras, computers, photog's.. absolutely incredible. We had no idea who Matt was or what he looked like so we stood there clueless for a second then we saw the "AP" room. We walk in, both Matt's are sitting there, they give us a hard time for taking so long to figure out that there was an "AP" room. (again we are still in shock at the fact that we are actually in Dallas about to be on the sidelines of the Cotton Bowl.)

We had about 2 hours to "wander" around (i.e. explore all of the places were our "media" passes would allow us to go.) We walked around the field, went up to a couple of the different levels just to "see."


Then we stood on the sidelines and watched the teams warm up. 
(I'm ready for Tyler Lockett to be back on the field next year)
Yes, the screen is GINORMOUS.
Oh hey Eric Stonestreet, fellow K-State alumni. 
(we debated about talking to him several times but eventually did end up on an elevator with him after the game.)
LOVED seeing all the purple in Jerry's house.
 call me a nerd but I did take a picture of Mat taking a picture. 

Have I mentioned that the actual game hasn't started yet??? 

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