Friday, January 6, 2012

Cotton Bowl Chronicles part 1

It started with an text message from my friend Betsy. "want to work with AP photographers on the sidelines for the Cotton Bowl?"

Obviously my response was a definite YES!!!!!!

This is a fantastic case of knowing someone (Betsy) who knows someone (Kevin) who knows someone (Matt!)

The drive down through Oklahoma yesterday was beautiful. The weather was great. Several K-Staters smiled and waved as we passed each other. I couldn't help but laugh at the sense of unity I felt driving south on 35. Lots of purple heading down to cheer on our Cats.

I took a little detour to Durant to catch up with my good friend Sara. It was fun to see her again and meeting her adorable daughter who just turned 2.

I headed to the big D this morning to meet up with Besty but as I was driving to meet her I "happened" to drive past IKEA and of course had to stop. Once again I was struck by this strange sense of unity as I saw a ton of K-Staters doing some shopping of their own at IKEA. Several high fives were shared as we walked past each other. I couldn't be more excited for the Cotton Bowl tonight!

P.S. We will be working with AP photog Matthew Otero. (google him, he has taken some AWESOME pics)


Dmarie said...

wow, love that you had the chance to work the cotton bowl in that way!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady!! You were #11 on the giveaway... and guess what number was chose? #11!!

E-mail me with your mailing address at:

megnificentlife [at] gmail [dot] com

...and I will get that adorable headband to you ASAP! :)

Thanks for reading, as always!