Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cotton Bowl Chronicles Part 3

Being on the sidelines of the Cotton Bowl was really cool but things got even more crazy when Matt S said, "I have an extra camera, would one of you want to shoot?" I honestly about fell over. Betsy looked at me and grinned and said, "I'm sure Mandy wants to." I said something completely ridiculous I'm sure but it all ended up with me having a camera in my hands ON the sidelines of a major sporting event. (Hello, MAJOR bucket list item, CHECK!)

I shot the game with a Nikon D700 and a 50mm lens
(after shooting with a 50mm lens, I now am convinced that I need to add one to my camera bag.)

(a 50mm lens does not have any zoom capabilities. The lens is close to the field of vision of the human eye.)

The rest of the pictures show the "view" of what you would have seen if you would have been standing next to me. 
We started shooting from the highest level in Jerry's house.
It was an incredible view of the entire stadium and helped me grasp just how HUGE this place really is.
This was my view of the opening kick-off. 
I found myself standing next to Willie the Wildcat for quite a bit of the game.
A pass by one of my favorites, Collin Klein.
 Okay, so I took this picture.
And Matt Strasen took this picture.  (advantage Matt) :)
 Just a reminder of how close I was.
 wait for it....
THE coolest picture that I took all game.
Touchdown Wildcats!
A really awesome catch, that you can't really see in the picture.
So here it is zoomed in. Yep took the pic, cropped it and zoomed in.
Touchdown Collin Klein!
 So much fun to be on the field.
Still very much K-State Proud.
Not exactly the celebration I was hoping for though.

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