Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Go State!

As alumni of Kansas State University (i.e. the finest institution in the land) it is always a treat to get to spend some time back in Manhattan.

First stop = Java (or as the kids call it Bluestem..)

I love it that my dear friend from my college days actually lives and works in Manhattan.
My heart is always SO encouraged after some good quality time with EJ!

Fast forward to Saturday.
We are "old" now so our version of tailgating involves being INSIDE.
J brought the peanut butter. HAHA!

It was SO fun to get to hang out with C at the game!

LOVED getting to hang out with Lewis!

It is always FUN to watch my Cats beat the other school in Kansas.

Did I mention that we had REALLY good seats?

This gal ventured over my way at halftime.
I was SO excited to get to hug her!

Two of my dearest brothers.

I love that even though it has been far too long since we were all in college together, it is so great to get to reconnect with people who were apart of my K-State years. I love that we have kept in touch across the miles. I love that we can just pick up where we left out when we saw each other the last time. I love that these people are a part of my life. (and I love it when we are all wearing purple!)

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MommyEm said...

Erin! I miss you, Mando.