Monday, September 3, 2012

Claire, an orphan no more

Remember Claire?

I met Claire during the summer of 2011. I think it's safe to say that the Lord used her (and her story and her LIFE) to break my heart for orphans and expand my vision for orphan care around the world.

Today, Claire is now with her very own forever family. A mom and dad to call her own. A mom would found me on facebook last fall. A mom who has so graciously shared their adoption journey with me. A mom who shared these pictures of them meeting Claire for the very first time with me.

If you have a couple hours and want to read all about Claire's story during her time at ND, click here. (there are lots of links to several posts written about her.)

Pray for Claire as she grieves losing the only family she has ever know. Pray for the Robinson's that the Lord would fill them with grace and strength and wisdom as they seek to love and care for Claire well. Pray that Claire would trust them quickly, would adjust to the culture differences well and that she would KNOW that she is loved and rest in the knowledge that she has a family of her very own.

Claire's story as an orphan has FINALLY come to an end. 

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