Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 13

I am thankful for my friend Amy Martin. We met eventually (after several suggestions of mutual friends) during our last few years at K-State. I vividly remember the day. We were in the classroom in the lower level of the Derb at some kind of RA thing. I overheard someone say her name and realized that SHE was the one that I had been told I needed to meet. We became fast friends. We bounded our love for Java (Bluestem Bistro) and our shared experiences from being RA's and our time spent overseas. Our friendship really thrived though once we both left Manhattan and lived in different states.

We have THE best talks. Some of my most favorite talks with her were when I would be driving to and from CV. I knew the exact spot where I could call her on my way back where I FINALLY had a signal. She was the first person I called when I realized that I actually HAD cell phone service in the land that once was the "land of no cell-phone service (i.e. Cedar Vale).

She helps me process so much of life even across the miles. We have shared many laughs together and our fair share of tears. We have brainstormed writing several books, (maybe one day we will actually do it.) We have walked with each other through some of the darkest days but also some of the most exciting times of each others lives. Our paths do continue to cross, though a trip to the east coast is definitely HIGH on the list of things I MUST make happen. (summer - 2012?) 

She is truly the definition of a heart sister. 
I am grateful for Amy and her friendship.

(in other news, Amy we are in desperate need of an updated picture!)

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