Friday, October 2, 2009

wonderful wedding weekend

Meet Stephen.

He is one of my favorite people, it's an honor to have the title of the "sister" he never had but probably always needed.

Meet Stephen & Whitney.

They are getting married this weekend. This wedding has been a LONG time coming. I first heard about Whitney when Stephen and I were on a missions trip with First in Guatemala the summer of 2005. (that trip was monumental in Stephen & I's friendship.) I'm sure I had met Whit prior to returning from Guatemala but that is the first time that I remembering thinking that this girl was someone special in Stephen's world. Fast forward a few years, and the Lord in his perfect plan brought these two back together again.

Their story makes me smile.
Their relationship gives me hope.
Their relationship reminds me of the sovereignty of God.

I "borrowed" this picture from their wedding blog.
It was taken while Stephen was proposing to Whitney in Boston.

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californiameaghan said...

my dad is doing the music! are you going to the wedding? enjoy - and say hi to my mom! :D