Thursday, October 8, 2009

blessings = people

My cousin Justin created this website. ( It is a visual list of the blessings in his life. I am encouraged by people like Justin. He would be one of those people who = a blessing. He is creative, clever, hilarious and takes incredible pictures, among countless other things. He created the website, included a blog, asked for people to "post a word or two of something good in your life that you are thankful for right now."

Sometimes I forget that I need to stop and remember what I'm thankful for RIGHT NOW. I don't need to choose my words carefully or worry about how somethings sounds, because there is something raw and vulnerable when you just start talking, or in this case typing.

I am inspired by his project, I was inspired to write.

Something good in my life RIGHT NOW: the people in it.

blessings = people

the people in my world bless me with their laughter, their time, their words, their hugs, their energy, their love, their insight, their lives.

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Anonymous said...

this is fantastic! thank you for introducing him to me; i can't wait to follow him everyday and be reminded of the thankfuls!!