Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brooke tagged me so...

Here you go.

(6 random things)
  1. I am an unofficial member of the coolest "club" in town. (aka the white crew)
  2. My favorite ornament on my Christmas tree is pink with polka-dots.
  3. I am addicted to diet coke. It's my version of "coffee."
  4. I like to have my Christmas decorations up as long as possible and as long as my roommate will allow! :)
  5. I am the 11th most fascinating person of 2008. (only the top 10 made it on tv with Barbara Walters.)
  6. My car is named Mabel. (Mabel the Malibu) Mabel means "my beautiful one."

And now I'm supposed to "tag" people... so Amy, Lindsay B, Sarah K, SB, Jana, and Cassie TAG, YOU'RE IT!


Andrea said...

The 11th most fascinating of 2008? You might have to explain that one to me! Patrick Largen led worship on Sunday. It felt like a little Challenge reunion. It was awesome. Plus, my husband (who I didn't know in college) was one of the "cool people" and actually knew Patrick then. I just knew who he was. :) I miss seeing you every day. Love you!

erin.michelle said...

Awww...your sweet! I loved spending time with you! We MUST keep in contact..know that I'm not very good at keeping in contact, but this blog thing will help!!