Monday, July 7, 2008

I hate hospitals...

I am spending most of the afternoon at the hospital. My dad is having surgery on his neck (they are fusing something together between disk 7 and 8 in his spine.) That's all the medical lingo you are going to get out of this kid.

Really I am just going because I love my dad and I don't want my mom having to sit in that dreadful place by herself while he is in surgery. Honestly I don't know where my dislike for hospitals came from, maybe tomorrow will help me deal with that issue. I am excited though to hang out with my mom because this verbal processor needs to process the past week.

Challenge was amazing. The one thing that I took away was the power of prayer and the opportunity we have to see what the Lord is doing when we are in communication with Him... there are so many other things that I heard that I want/need to talk about while its still fresh. After the verbal processing is done, then comes the part where I make sense of it all and write it down.

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mckenna said...

Did all go alright with your dad's operation? Hope so. Sounds like you are having a full, but fun summer! I look forward to hearing more about you had fun with the Krauses! Maybe you can make the trip this way with Brooke when she comes back for a day or two.

P.S. Love the new look of your Mandy-ish! :)