Friday, June 27, 2008

Challenge or bust...

The next 7 days are bound to be incredible...

After 22 hours on a bus we will arrive in Salt Lake City for Challenge '08. I am really excited to see what the Lord has in store with these next 7 days, (Shoot, I am even confident that great things are going to happen on the bus ride to and from SLC!) I love going into weeks like this knowing that He's already gone before us, that He will be faithful to show up and ultimately trusting that we will all come back a little bit different... maybe even changed, refreshed, renewed and dare I say challenged.

Its not necessarily wise to go into weeks like this exhausted but that is a pretty good description of my current state. But this exrovert is looking forward to some pretty great times with some pretty great people. There are 50 people from First embarking on this journey together. It is Jeremy's first official day as youth pastor. I am excited to see how this trip is going to jump start relationships with students for Jeremy and Brooke!

For those of you who like specifics... here are some names to be lifting up this week...

My "girls:" Lydia, Victoria, Anna and Cora
The "Roomies:" Sara and Allison

Supposedly there are going to be updates posted on this blog: so if you want to take a peak at what is going on out in SLC there you go!

Starfield is leading worship and I am pumped! (Thank you Amy for introducing them...I will call you if they sing "Over my head!")

With that, I say peace out for a week! I look forward to the pictures that will be taken, the memories that will be made and the friendships that will be deepened and this verbal processor will need to talk about things once I get back!

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Amy said...

I'll be praying for you! I'm sure you got my weird voicemail today.. no worries. Just give me a call when you get back. Love ya sista!