Thursday, May 24, 2012

7 years...

Seven years of teaching is officially in the books.... 

One of my students put this next to my computer, I needed that small reminder.

This school year was not exactly my favorite but some pretty amazing kids walked through the door of my classroom every other day. They were what I needed, when I needed them the most. They were the kids who were in my classroom when I found out that my Grandpa Call had passed away. They were the kids who reminded me why it is that I do what I do. They are the reason why I didn't throw in the towel. They made me laugh. They let me be a part of their lives. They asked questions and wanted my opinions. They put up with my brutal honesty. They challenge me and inspire me more than they will ever know. 

Then there's this kid. Probably the smartest kid to ever step foot inside my classroom. He did his part in keeping me sane. He's going to Oklahoma State but he proved that he's a stater and not a hater when he showed up one day in a K-State shirt. 

This kid kept me laughing and very much entertained.

These girls kept me organized and made me proud to be their teacher.

And these 4... well, they are pretty special. 
I'm excited to see what they end up doing with their lives.

I ended this school year with a big sigh of relief.
However, I am so thankful for the ones who I had the privilege to call my students.

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