Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Macho" Mandy

For a week of each summer I have the title of "Macho" Mandy. I have tried to change it but obviously have not had much luck. There are campers who turn into counselors who knew me as Macho Mandy and say, "You aren't handy. You aren't dandy. You are Macho." So since the summer of 1997 (with a few summers off during college) I have been "Macho" Mandy.
Here are some of the highlights from my week at camp.
These lovely ladies wrote me this little diddy.
"Mandy is tough.
Mandy is strong.
Mandy has been here SO long.
That's why we're singing this song...
If you let us in (to eat)
we will all get along."
I might have whipped cream on my face. 
Amy and Jason might be throwing cheetos at my face. Maybe?!? :)
It is always so fun to see campers come back year after year.
It is equally as fun to see campers return as counselors.
One of my favorite parts of camp is the time that I get to spend serving alongside the counselors and staff. 
The counselors love and serve their campers and each other so well. 
It is such a blessing to watch.
These lovely ladies have been a part of camp for their share of years now. 
It is so fun to have them back year after year. 
They encourage and challenge me. They love camp and do camp well.

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