Saturday, August 27, 2011

29 things that have made me who I am today...

  1. Keith & Cindy being my parents
  2. Holly being my sister
  3. Understanding the power of the Gospel
  4. Having cousins who are also dear friends
  5. Being a part of an incredible legacy and family of believers
  6. Growing up in CV
  7. Having my grandma as my first grade teacher
  8. Falling in love with reading thanks to my third grade teacher
  9. Being a camper at Kids Camp
  10. Playing volleyball and basketball for CVS
  11. Going to basketball camp at Maranatha and then to the Bahamas with those same people
  12. The death of my friend Rachel
  13. Falling more in love with Jesus
  14. Going to K-State
  15. Learning the importance of loving people
  16. Living on the 4th floor of West Hall
  17. Meeting the Navs
  18. Understanding the importance of discipleship
  19. Going to STP
  20. Being an RA
  21. Going to Zambia
  22. Going to Main Event
  23. Going to Malawi
  24. Moving to Wichita
  25. Student teaching at Heights
  26. Being a teacher at Southeast (on year #7)
  27. Attending First Free
  28. Buying a house and moving to Indianapolis (street)
  29. Going to East Asia


Carmen said...

Happy Birthday! My favorite shared birthday memory is from that b-day party we had at Rachel Gfeller's house with all those Nav folks (and that tall Challenge boy). :) Remember that? On another note, I can't believe you are on teaching year #7! Way to faithfully serve and love on your students.

mommyem said...