Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2 students, 4 years (8 semesters) . . . wow

It is WEIRD to think that these two rugrats won't be walking into my classroom again in August.

I have had the privilege of being their teacher every semester that they have been in high school. It seems strange to say but I am SO proud of them. I have enjoyed watching them grow up and mature over the course of the past four years. We have laughed (A LOT) together and even shed a few tears. We have had countless discussions about life, girls, relationships, college decisions, sports, you name it, we have probably talked about it. They give me a hard time about loving K-State so much, but all that purple paid off in the end when Alex decided to enroll at the finest institution in the land.

They put up with the crazy things that I dream up.
"Hey, guys. I have this trophy, let's take a class picture."

They demonstrated their "decorating" skills last year on my birthday.

They challenge my creativity. They sometimes refer to me as, "Miss Call me crazy." They laugh at my randomness, wonder about the strange sayings that I say ALL the time, deal with my craziness and have actually learned a few things along the way. They surprise me on a daily basis. They show up with a "big fluffy pink heart" because through it all they know that I do sincerely heart them with a big fluffy pink heart.

They have allowed me the opportunity to be involved in their life and for that I am grateful.

I am a better teacher because of Alex & Jake.

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