Friday, March 25, 2011

crafty much?

It is indeed a scary day when I decide to take on the world of being crafty. This spring break Whit and I decided to make wreaths, with Carmen's help (and moral support of course.) Granted, it did not matter that we will not actually need Christmas decorations for another 8 months... we were determined.)

You MUST know that I was inspired by Meg and by Michelle. (I just copy other people's great ideas.) So here's how it all went down. Rewind to the after Christmas sales from 2010. JACKPOT on buying LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of fun colored ornament balls for really really cheap. Fast forward to spring break of 2011, bust out the bags upon bags of ornaments, plug in the hot glue guns, wrap straw wreath in ribbon, figure out how to hang said wreath and with that I give you, happiness in the form of wreaths.

Whit re-did 2 wreaths in half the time that it took me to even get started. (she's a rock star.)

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Simply Created by Cole said...

The wreath looks great Mandy! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.