Tuesday, February 22, 2011

unexpected joys

I have a card hanging up in my house that says, "May your life be crowded with unexpected joys."

This past weekend was one that was crowded with numerous unexpected joys.

I was not expecting to be reminded of how GOOD it is for me to be around that particular group of people. I have not been with a group of people like that since college.

I was not expecting to be overwhelmed with a sense of healing. I was blown away by seeing how the Lord has healed my heart is a very specific way in regard to some pretty deep hurt that I had been dealing with for the past couple of years. I was reminded at how creative and personal THE Great Physician really is.

I was not expecting to come away from such an intense weekend with a heart full of gratitude for the people that were there, the new faces that I met and the new friendships that began.

I was not expecting to gain some serious cool points at finally getting to meet those I have heard so much about.

I was not expecting to be challenged by the stories and experiences of some dear brothers.

I was not expecting to feel such a deep sense of unity with the entire EA team.

I was not expecting to be even more excited about this upcoming summer after meeting these 3 ladies.

Meet the Fab 4

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Larissa said...

Yeah, for unexpected things. I feel like unexpected things are encouragement to believe that God knows what he is doing!