Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I thought of my sister when I realized today's date. My sister is the one who gets numbers, she pays attentions to patterns, it all makes sense to her. She's the smart one, the one who listens to me vent. I am the procrastinator, the feeler, the extreme processer. I failed to update this little piece of the world wide web when 2011 began and since then I have been trying to determine when to write and then what to write.

Louie Giglio tweeted this about today (1-11-11), "A unique day of new beginnings. Do not dwell on the past. 'See, I am doing a new thing!' Isaiah. 43:18" So with that little piece of encouragement from LG and this thought provoking statement from a wise man named Mark, "As Christians we shouldn't be setting New Year's resolutions because it's all about renewal." I am inspired, challenged and encouraged to enter this year with a fresh perspective.

As I have had time today (thanks to a snow day) I went back and read through several of my blog posts. I realized 2 things. The first thing being that I have never written about any new years resolutions. Sure I have thought about certain things that I want to work on or works towards. Maybe deep down somewhere I knew that renewal was what I longed for, what I needed, what would bring peace to my heart. The second thing I realized is that regardless of the circumstances (whether exceeding joy, or heart wrenching sorrow ) one thing remains. "He's always been faithful and He WILL be again."

So with that said, I welcome in 2011 (on this 11th day of the year) with open arms, an eager spirit and an expectant heart.

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