Saturday, July 17, 2010

summer of Mandy: 2010 (day 50)

This day DEFINITELY goes down as one of the BEST days of this summer. It all started when Whit and I decided that we wanted to take part in a progressive dinner with the purpose of yes eating good food but also getting to see one another's houses! So we came up with the idea and Carmen did all the rest. (i.e. pick the date, figured out who was hosting what, etc.) We started with brunch around 11 a.m. and ended with dessert. I believe we finally left Jess's around 10:30 that evening. It was SO fun. I know, I know, we are the coolest and you all want to try it. DO IT! You will not regret it. It was a fantastic day, with good food and great friends.

Brunch at Nicole's

Salad at Whitney's

Appetizer's at Indianapolis

Dinner at Carmen's
(Steak-roll up. GOODNESS!)

Dessert at Jessica's

Cream Puff Cake (YUMMY!)

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