Saturday, February 28, 2009

this is only the beginning...

I am one step closer to officially entering into the world of home-ownership.

  • find house - CHECK

  • get approval from Pops - CHECK

  • make offer - CHECK

  • sellers accept offer - CHECK CHECK

Now for talking to mr. banker man, setting a closing date, scheduling a home inspection... then writing the check, getting the keys.... and THEN the fun really begins.... every wall in the house is covered in wall-paper... so the hope is that before I move in the wall paper will go away but don't worry the pink tile will stay.

Here is the place that I will call home. Trust me, many more pictures will follow. YIPPEE!

I "borrowed this picture from the listing on the Internet... :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Moving to Indianapolis.....


maybe. We'll see. The contract is written. I just have to sign it. Then we'll see if the seller accepts my offer. And maybe just maybe I will get to live in the house with the pink tile in the bathroom.

The Lord has been good. I am amazed at how He has answered each and everyone of my prayers and THEN SOME! Seriously pink tile in the bathroom, THE LORD IS GOOD!

Don't worry, pictures will be shared soon enough!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

amazed at the body of Christ

I love and I love it even more when I see evidence of the body of Christ coming together to support a family whom they probably have never met, all because they love Jesus and are mourning with them in the tragic loss of their baby girl to cancer. I am amazed at how the body of Christ has been challenged by this little life and how people have been prompted to respond.

Here are just a few of the shops on etsy that are raising money for Cora's playground.

joys hope
the busy bee
i love plum
kissable kreations

Click on the cute box below to see all of the items that are being sold on etsy to raise money for Cora's playground.