Tuesday, September 22, 2009

funny things that happen to me. . .

This post is dedicated to my newest blogging friend. . . I love you Corrie!

While I was talking to Corrie, I was inspired to write about some of the funny things that have happened to me this school year. It must be known that I love my job and the funny things that happen make me love my job even more....

- - - -
I copied and pasted this directly from an email that I sent to some of my non-teacher friends.

"Objective of the day: Stay away from mace.
If I were a writer for the Eagle, the “news update” for today would go a little something like this…

"In recent news at Southeast High School, two students were "maced" today at lunch. Miss Call just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was asked to help keep students out of the recently "maced" area. . . Miss Call got a quick "taste" of mace."
That stuff lingers in the air for quite some time. . . I have experienced many new things since becoming a teacher. Who would have thought that my career as an educator would allow me to experience things like mace and tasers?" (written August 20, 2009)

- - - -

This is is from another email that I sent out to those same non-teacher friends....

"So yesterday before my last hour class one of our assistant principals came to my room and asked me to make sure to not let a certain student leave my classroom without letting administration know.

I didn't really think anything about it because it wasn't that unusual of a request. Anyway after school I went down to the office and stopped in the hall to talk to a couple other teachers. As we are standing there, one of them says, "Hey did you guys hear about the kid who was on the roof after lunch?" Of course we hadn't so she told us the story. Apparently a kid found a way up on the roof. A teacher who was coming back from lunch saw him, called security and they were able to eventually get him down. Well to make a long story short once the kid got down he couldn't remember how he got up there or why he was even on the roof.

Come to find out MY kid was the one who was on the roof. Just another day in the life at good ole SE!" (written Sept 11, 2009)

- - - -

Then today in my 3rd hour class one of my students tells me that he has created a playlist of songs that remind him of my class or of me. I didn't get a chance to listen to all of this said playlist but the songs that we had time to listen to (while my students were working of course) were these:

· “Party in the USA” (Oh Miley!)

· “What is Love”

· “I want it that way” (back street boys)

· “Bye Bye Bye” (NSYNC)

· “Superfreak”

· “Ice Ice Baby”

· “I feel good.”

· “Hit me with your best shot”

This school year has started off on a very good note.

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