Monday, April 27, 2009

kitchen done and curtains hung

My friend Whitney is a rock star. She unpacked my entire kitchen while my superstar moving crew unloaded the rest of my stuff. Obviously the cabinet doors need to be painted and put back but I LOVE my newly painted and very organized kitchen! (more pictures soon, I promise!)

I LOVE my office. We call it the milkshake room, because the color reminds me of milkshake chocolate! My mom is amazing and made these beautiful curtains for my office! She is actually making curtains for my ENTIRE house and my house has a lot of windows! We are slowly but surely getting the material picked out and the curtains put up. I need to get the living room and dining room painted so that those SUPER cute curtains can be put up! Anyway the next picture is of the entire window in my office. The following two are close ups of the fabric! I LOVE color and I LOVE fun fabric. I love my mom for being so good on her sewing machine and being willing to make all these beautiful curtains for my new house!

A close up of the top valance!
LOVE this fabric SO much!
(notice the milkshake chocolate on the wall!)

The bottom part of the curtain! SO fun!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh it looks incredible! i kind of like your cabinets without the doors; it looks so open!! and the curtains are if i can just convince jeremy to put curtains up in here i would be so happy... :)


californiameaghan said...

we will be in wichita may 20-23ish. i cant wait to see your house!!!

Andrea said...

Mandy! I'm so excited to see all of the finished pictures!

Anonymous said...

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