Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If you give a student a camera....

They will take a picture of you and then plead for your permission to use it in their video project...

You've all read, "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" right?!?

As a high school teacher we very seldom have opportunities to read children's book, which is a crying shame I think... Anyway today I made a reference to the book "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" today in my Digital Productions class and they all just looked at me like I was crazy. Now granted there is some truth to that statement but good grief. I want to know what books these kids are reading if they have not heard of the classic, "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie."

If you need a Christmas gift idea for a little person in your world may I suggest this wonderful book, "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie."

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californiameaghan said...

or if you give a moose a muffin!!!

in 4th grade we read these books then had to write our own. i believe i gave some animal a potato chip which was salty... so he needed oj... which he spilled and had to take a bath... i wish i could share my illustrations with you. yikes!!!