Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just love. Don't fix.

I have been challenged this week to simply love people and not try to fix them. It is hard for me to step aside and let the Lord do his work and to just love people right where they are, just as they are! It has brought me to my knees like never before. How do you love a person who has never received love before? My heart hurts because I want to learn to love this person well. My heart soars because I know the Lord is challenging me to better learn to love people, specifically those who aren't easy to love, those who don't let people in.

I love how the Lord brings people across our path to teach us and to draw us closer to Himself. How many times do we miss out on that opportunity? I realized this week with the entrance of this new friend into my world that the majority of the people in my world are easy to love. But I think because of that I have become too comfortable, too prideful in thinking that I'm doing a pretty job at this whole loving people thing when in reality what is important is figuring out how to love those people who are hard to love. Am I willing to step out of my comfort zone and love them with the love of Jesus and not my own agenda?

My friend Meaghan ended her most recent post with these three questions.

1. What do you want to excel at?
2. What are your priorities?
3. Are you practicing what you actually want to be good at?

Those questions go right along with what I've been learing this week, now I have to actually do something about it. I want to excel at loving people who have never received love, those people who are hard to love, those people who don't let people in, who need to be loved the most. My relationship with Jesus and the relaionships I have with people are my top priorities. My prayer is that the Lord will continue to give me opportunities to love those who are hard to love.